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Selection of the most relevant articles in the second pillar.

Financial crisis hurts pensions – 21 November 2011
Occupational pensions, the second pillar of the Swiss pension system, are weakened by meager returns on capital. To give air to the pension funds, and despite a clear refusal of the people in 2010, the government is working on a new project to reduce rents.


Insured people have trouble believing life insurance coverage – Dépêche de la Tribune de Genève, November 14, 2011
The insurance industry must react to restore confidence, says the consulting firm and audit at the end of its first survey on life insurance and presented Monday. Although surveyed with 500 private individuals and as many SMEs, the survey shows the importance of private annuities, with 85% of respondents believing that they constitute a significant part of the retirement savings plan.

The situation of pension funds stabilized in 2010 – Tribune de Genève, November 10, 2011
After the financial crisis that had plummeted occupational benefits in 2008, the situation of pension funds continued to recover in 2010. But 2011 looks again very difficult.

“Umwandlungssatz muss rasch sinken.” – Der Sonntag 06 November 2011
Früher kämpfte Colette Nova beim Schweizerischen Gewerkschaftsbund gegen den Sozialabbau. Seit August 2010 set sie sich als Vizedirektorin beim Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen für die Senkung des Umwandlungssatzes ein.

Appointment of members of the new BVG Supervisory Board – Press release of the Federal Council of 02 November 2011
Bern, 02.11.2011 – The Vice-President and other members of the recently created BVG Super Surveillance Commission have been appointed by the Federal Council. In June, he had already appointed the chairman of the commission, who will begin his operational duties on January 1, 2012.

Occupational benefits: the minimum interest rate is set at 1.5% – Press release of the Federal Council of 02 November 2011
Bern, 02.11.2011 – The Federal Council has decided to set the minimum interest rate at 1.5% from 1 January 2012. This decision is based, as last year, on a calculation method recommended by the majority of the Federal Commission on Occupational Benefits.