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Selection of the most relevant articles in the second pillar.

Pension Alert – L’Hebdo of October 27, 2011
Are AVS and LPP annuities a minimum to be preserved at the cost of higher contributions or can they be trimmed to cope with longevity and lower yields? Answers are preparing.

Yves Rossier: “The solidarity of the 2nd pillar is little perceived” – L’Hebdo of October 27, 2011
The Federal Council will present a report on the 2nd pillar at the end of this year and is preparing a review of the AVS to be consulted at the end of 2012.

Switzerland is one of the best at the international level – Occupational benefits at October 13, 2011
Switzerland ranks third in an international comparative survey of old-age pension schemes published by Mercer. None of the countries analyzed received the best rating (A) for its pension scheme, according to the new ” Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2011 ” survey which compared the systems of 16 countries.


Eternal hot topics: conversion rate and minimum interest rate – Occupational benefits of October 13, 2011
The Liberal-Radical faction tabled two motions to depoliticize the minimum conversion rate and the minimum interest rate. The texts require that the minimum interest rate and the minimum conversion rate are no longer fixed on the basis of a political decision, but that they be automatically adjusted according to the situation on the financial markets or the lengthening of the life expectancy.