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Cronos Finance’s approach is simple and focused on the essentials, as it aims to meet the fundamental needs of its customers by concentrating its resources on the main influencing factors of the investment process.

Academic studies and empirical observations by independent practitioners show that asset allocation is the main driver of performance. Cronos Finance has made it his area of ​​expertise.

Investment Funds

The investment fund is an investment vehicle that combines the assets of different investors to enable them to benefit from economies of scale. In addition, it is a long-term investment solution combining liquidity, bonds and equities to allow a distribution of your risks.

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Discretionary Mandate

The discretionary management mandate is a mandate through which the client entrusts Cronos Finance with the complete management of a portfolio.

Cronos Finance focuses its resources and know-how on asset allocation and tactical allocation dimensions.


The tactical advisory mandate is a mandate through which the client asks Cronos Finance to accompany him throughout the decision-making chain leading to tactical decision-making.

It follows all the steps of the discretionary mandate management process, with the exception of the final choice of investment vehicles that is made by the client. Tactical decisions remain in the hands of the customer.

Cronos Finance proposes to revisit the client’s entire investment governance and consolidate it by putting in place procedures and a “tailor-made” instrument.

This mandate not only provides the client with investment governance that meets the most advanced best practices, but also delivers first-class training.